“Fresh Friday’s” Start Today in Sarasota

 A new monthly first Friday event celebrating downtown Sarasota’s dining, entertainment and shops kicks off tonight 11/12/2021.

“Fresh Fridays” is a new initiative presented by the Downtown Improvement District and the city of Sarasota.

The initiative is expected to elevate downtown Sarasota’s profile by offering themed events on the first Friday of each month, the city said in a news release. Each event will take a fresh approach to engage residents and visitors with dynamic opportunities to celebrate the city’s diverse music, food and arts assets.

This is really great – we all need more to look forward to and this will be a wonderful addition to the burgeoning, bustling downtown Sarasota area.

The “Fresh Friday” inaugural event runs this Friday from 8 to 11 p.m. within the same area as the Saturday Farmer’s Market on Lemon Avenue between First Street and Paul N. Thorpe Jr. Park.

Called “Best Night Ever,” the event features live music and digital light displays throughout the cobbled Lemon Avenue corridor, setting the tone for the festive outdoor programming to come, the city said.

Looking forward to seeing some of my fellow Sarasotian’s on December 3rd for the next one!

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